Vision And Mission

Global Idealities – Local Realities
As the name suggests, the Global School of Learning emphasizes an international awareness and local realities. GSL prepares students to make the most from an increasingly connected world. This is achieved by GSL’s international network, curriculum emphasizing global knowledge, and GSL’s background in cross-cultural communication.

Multiple Modes of Learning
Every child is different. While GSL utilizes time-tested pedagogical methods, we allow students to learn the way that is most effective for them through innovative learning techniques. This is why GSL applies the Multiple Intelligences approach, developed by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University.

Hard Skills and Soft Skills Combined
GSL provides students with information and the pragmatic skills necessary to access opportunities. But of equal importance, GSL trains students to think critically, work creatively, and act justly. These educational qualities will help students succeed in their future employment, and GSL’s highest hope is that they will help children to think boldly and wisely in order to make a difference in their local community, in India, and in the world.