About GSL

The Global School of Learning (GSL) provides a high quality, well rounded, education to the students of the Bahraich District from Nursery to 8th standard. With an experienced staff and the Global Village support system, GSL offers students a fun and challenging opportunity to distinguish themselves. GSL students will be encouraged to learn from a variety of methods. Students will leave their GSL education with problem-solving and analytic skills, the social aptitude necessary for actively engaging with an internationalizing world, and ability to continue their education. GSL teachers provide information, but, more importantly, students will learn how to teach themselves.

GSL is pioneering new approaches to learning, teaching, and experimentation. While preserving the best in traditional Indian and international education, we have opted for a student-centered system with increased opportunities for experiential and classroom learning that is guided by our skilled local and international educators. We believe that each student is uniquely talented. In order to ensure that every student receives full exposure, the school applies the Multiple Intelligences approach, developed by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University.

GSL is an English medium school. We emphasize the role of English as a tool to work and interact. Consistent with our pedagogical attitude, GSL implements an internationally oriented educational model.