The Foundation for Public Health, Education, and Development (FPHED) is a grassroots non-profit, public charitable Trust. FPHED is committed to working for the communities’ welfare and overall development of the communities of the Bahraich District.

FPHED is planning to work on a number of fronts, and education is one its primary concern. As a part of FPHED Trust, GSL provides a high quality education to young people. GSL’s location provides students a unique opportunity to learn in a peaceful environment conducive to concentration, creativity, learning and growing.

FPHED is planning to develop other centers near GSL campus including-

  • Global Center for Health Initiatives (GCHI)
  • Global Center for Cross Cultural Studies and South Asian Languages (GCC-CSSAL)
  • Global Center for Agro-Transformation and Development (GCAD)
  • Global Center for Equal Opportunities and Inclusion (GCEOI)
  • Global Center for Youth Resources (GCYR)
  • Global research Center for Policy and Advocacy (GRCPA)
  • Global Sports Academy (GSA)